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I am a Midwestern girl...

who grew up watching Style on CNN, saved my pennies for the latest fashions, lived for my daily Horoscope and loved to scour my backyard for fossils, crystals & 4 leaf clovers. Today, I see clearly now that what enchanted me as a child continues to run through my veins, and breathes through Ruby Room. Personally, my greatest passion (and challenge) is taking responsibility for my own choices and being aware of the energetic wake I leave for myself, others and the world. If my choices are off, the wake hurts and if they are on…the wake feels oh, so good. As a Beauty & Wellness Alchemist my company & products are part wellness, part beauty, and part fashion. I love to create healing tools which help to unlock intuition and inspire people to stay positive, feel beautiful and live fully. K

"Alchemy; the process of transforming something common into something magical. Inner and outer beauty is not a way of being it’s a frame of mind. Change your thoughts and your world will follow. "

I love to speak & teach. 

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