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Sunday October 12th & 26th from 10-11am

Sunday Meditation with Philip 

Sunday October 12th & 26th | 10-11am 

Philip offers guided visualization through focusing your attention on breathing and letting go. Insights will be offered on the power of the subconscious. As Philip offers potent and practical food for thought, you will feel refreshed and more in alignment with your natural inner and outer balance. Melt away a week's worth of stress and tension in just one calming hour. Philip will assist you in quieting your mind through visualization techniques to induce peace and deep relaxation. Every mediation is customized.

$20 per person or $17 if you bring a friend 

Thursday October 16th from 5:45-7pm 

Healing Circle with Lindsay 

Thursday October 16th  | 5:45-7pm        

Join Lindsay for this one hour group energy healing and intention session. Connect with your inner goddess, awaken your femininity, and open yourself up to receiving. Explore facets of your inner goddess, she is the source of your feminine power. Accept and admire yourself for all that you are!

        “I have called on the Goddess

         and found her within myself” 

             - Marion Zimmer Bradley





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