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Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essence Collection

b grounded
Chakra 1 is located at the base of your spine and is the center of your personal power.
Use b grounded to increase physical strength, fortify health,
build endurance and attract financial prosperity.
b creative
Chakra 2 is located in the lower abdomen and is the center for healthy relationships.
Use b creative to give birth to new energies, accept change gracefully,
gain emotional strength, increase self expression and awaken sexuality.
b strong
Chakra 3 is located below the diaphram and is the cnter of your self worth and power.
Use b strong to increase self confidence, engery, build courage and strengthen willpower.
b open
Chakra 4 is located at the heart and is the center of your right to love and be loved.
Use b open to increase self compassion, attract love,
forgive yourself and others, and rebuild feelings of trust
b present
Chakra 5 is located at the throat and is the center for self expression and communication.
Use b present to release distractions,
think with clarity, communicate your truth, and have faith.
b intuitive
Chakra 6 is located in the middle of the forehead and is the center for intuition.
Use b intuitive to release your ego,
awaken your inner mystic, connect to dreams and unlock your intuition.
b connected
Chakra 7 is located at the top of your head and is where spirit radiates.
Use b connected to rise above difficult times,
activate wisdom, embrace spirituality and welcome your inner bliss.
b balanced
This spray is an emergency essence to quickly cleanse and balance the seven chakras.
Use b balanced as an energy transfusion for hightly
stressful times and hyperactivity in kids and pets.
b supported
This spray is an emergency essence which aligns the physical with the spiritual,
calling for angelic guidance and support.
Use b supported when helping or healing yourself and others.
b free
This spray is an emergency essence to release the fears
that bind you from being and living the highest version of yourself.
Use b free to break through resistance, let go,
and release your fears.
b quiet
This spray is an emergency essence to focus on inner and outer peace.
Use b quiet to combat feelings of annoyance or impatience in others.
Perfect for chaotic environment, crying baby or before meditation and yoga. SSSHHH...
b grateful
This spray is an emergency essence to focus on increasing
feelings of love & gratitude for yourself and others.
Use b grateful when you are feeling blue.
Stop, breath, count your blessings & appreciate all
that you are and have accomplished.
Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essence Collection

Our Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essences work on all levels of being — emotional, spiritual, mental & physical. They are self-adjusting, with the ability to repair & restore anything that is out of balance to a natural state of wellness. Use them throughout the day to replenish what a stressful day depletes.

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