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Ruby Room Rx Detox Bath Salt - Himalayan

Ruby Room Rx Detox Bath Salt - Himalayan


Himalayan Detoxification Bath is created from pure Himalayan Pink Salt formed during the Jurassic era, 250 million years ago. Hidden by volcanic lava deep in the pristine Himalayan Mountains, its purity was preserved & protected from environmental toxins. Organically pink in color and 100% natural, this precious salt contains 84 vital minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper and iron all found in the human body and essential to maintaining optimal mental, physical, emotional and energetic health & wellness. Himalayan Pink Salt cleanses energetic & electromagnetic toxins, hydrates skin to restore a healthy glow, promotes deep sleep, stimulates circulation, increases energy, soothes inflamed muscles, joints & feet and relieves sunburn, irritated skin & psoriasis. Our Himalayan Pink Salt is of the highest purity and USP certified for internal and external consumption. We proudly guarantee its quality and authenticity. - 48 oz. - 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals - Contains 84 vital minerals essential to maintaining optimal health & wellness - Ziploc closure for ensured freshness - Unscented

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