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Energy Healing Services

Energy Healing

Your energy field looks like a colorful bubble that surrounds the body and protects you from the outside world. When your aura becomes full of excess energy from everyday life it can slow you down mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. The focus of this treatment is to bring balance and harmony to your aura by clearing away impure energy that leaves you vulnerable to stress and illness. A monthly must!
$55/30 min
$100/60 min
$150/90 min

Chakra Energy Healing

You are made up of 7 chakras. Unwanted negative energy, thoughts, and emotions slow down and eventually paralyze your chakras. This leaves you vulnerable to illness & disease. Ruby Room's mission is to nurture happy chakras -- and happy chakras mean happy bodies! Perfect for individuals who want to explore and shed belief systems that have been difficult to let go.
$100/60 min
$150/90 min

Crystal Energy Healing

An energy healing session that utilizes a crystal's vibration potency to assist the healer in balancing, cleansing and re-programming your energy system. 

$100/60 min
$150/90 min

Crystal Journey at the Crystal Bar (includes mini aura reading)

Our Crystal Journey allows you to spend private time with a healer going through what each crystal is meant to accomplish, how they will affect your energy & spacial awareness and how they will work with the chakras. Personal recommendations will also be made in order to find which crystals best suit you and your energy!

$60/30 min 

Happy Chakras Means Happy Bodies

Healing Circle

Experience the awesomeness of energy healing in the comfort of a group setting. This is a great way to personally receive energy healing and send healing to those you love near or far. Not sure? All you need is an open mind…every month we will have a special focus to keep you connected with yourself and the universe.

Monthly / $20 per person
Call our concierge team for dates and to reserve your spot

Sunday Meditation

Melt away a week’s worth of stress and tension in just one calming hour. Join us for morning meditation where our Intuitive Energy Healers will teach you how to quiet your mind through focused breathing & visualization techniques to induce peace and deep relaxation. All levels welcome.
Last Sunday of every month with Philip/ 10:00-11:00am  $17/person

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