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Intuitive Reading Services

Intuitive Blend

Enjoy the cumulative benefits of auratherapy, intuitive exploration and energy healing in one visit. A monthly must to stay spiritually attuned.
$110 / 60 min
$150 / 90 min (for first-time clients)
$175 / 90 min 

Intuitive Reading

To create positive change in life we must personally recognize the unproductive feelings and actions that limit our ability to evolve on a spiritual level. In this session, you will work one-on-one with an Intuitive Energy Healer to explore areas of your life that seem challenging or difficult in order to open up space in your life for positive change. Perfect for all that crave clarity and perspective. A monthly must.
$55 / 30 min
$100 / 60 min
$150 / 90 min

Call (773) 235-2323 for an appointment



Numerology reveals our individual cyclical patterns and personal qualities. It helps us understand who we are and helps harmonize us with the natural flow of our lives. Using the vibration of your name and birth date we get a clear picture of your soul’s underlining purpose. Beautifully validating and inspiring. A great birthday gift and perfect for couples.
$100 / 60 min
$150 / 90 min
$200 couple / 90 min


Astrology is a key to very specific knowledge that can unlock the power of one's inner self. Did you know that a birth chart can't be duplicated within a period of less than twenty-five thousand years -- in other words, you are truly unique! Take your chart home to share with friends & family. A must for all at least once a year.

Individual $150/60 min
Couples or Business Partner Chart $200/75 min
($50 add on per child or co-worker)
Family Chart $200 parents/75 min
+ $50/15 min per child
New Business Chart $150/60 min

Sunday Meditation

Melt away a week’s worth of stress and tension in just one calming hour. Join us for morning meditation where Intuitive Energy Healers will teach you how to quiet your mind through focused breathing & visualization techniques that induce peace and deep relaxation. All levels welcome.
Weekly / 9:00-10:00am


Think you can't see your aura?  Think again! Energy is very real, and seeing is believing. Our special Auratherapy system measures your own unique electromagnetic field with a bio feedback hand sensor.  We'll capture the size, color and shape of your aura and chakra system. A fun way to learn the basics of energy. A must for all first time clients.

*add on to any treatment

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