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Our mission is to positively affect the energy & spirit of those we touch. We use pure organic essential oils in all of our massages. We start your experience with our Ruby Room Healing Ritual, which incorporates your selection of a Ruby Room Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essences to keep your energy positive and clear. After all, the key to a happy body is happy chakras.


Awaken your body’s natural detoxification system to release toxins. Cleanse your energetic field to relieve physical and emotional stress. The power of human touch combined with organic essential oils increases circulation, loosens tight muscles and transports you to a peaceful state of serenity.
$55+ / 30min, $100+ / 60min, $150+ / 90min [ book me ]

Problem areas? Stay a little longer at Ruby Room

Choose any 30 min add-on from our ala carte massage menu below to address those extra stressed areas of your body for the ultimate 120 min Enerssage® experience.
$195+ / 120min [ book me ]


Happy, healthy chakras radiate energy in and out of the body. Stress and anxiety slow chakras down until they eventually get stuck. This weakens your body's ability to fight off sickness. Chakrassage® balances the distribution of energy within your 7 main chakras using Ruby Room’s Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essence Sprays and organic essential oils.
$150+ / 90min [ book me ]


This custom full body massage and energy healing begins with our signature Ruby Room Flower and Gem Essence reading and spray. Relax into a deep trance as we glide pure essential oils and warm Himalayan salt crystals, packed with 84 essential minerals across sore muscles, dry and dull skin. Our Himalayan salt crystals help to circulate blood, reduce inflammation, release energetic stagnation, and kick start a tired Chakra system into balance. Leave feeling grounded, refreshed, with a shimmer of sparkle in your step.

$150+ / 90min [ book me ]

Cold Stone Headache Treatment

Bid farewell to that throbbing headache. This soothing treatment incorporates marble stones, essential oils, accupressure and relaxation techniques that release muscle tension & promote health circulation. Especially wonderful for migraine sufferers.
$60+ /30min [ book me ]

Prenatal Enerssage®

Let's be honest - carrying a baby is hard! Let us help reduce stress and create harmony with this gentle, comforting massage. It increases lymphatic circulation which helps decrease swelling, relaxes varicose veins, eases back pain and promotes restful sleep - yes, sleep!
$100 / 60min or $150 / 90min [ book me ]



Share in the indulgence.
Reserve the couple’s room and
enjoy your massages together.

A la Carte Massage Menu


Abdominal Massage add-on

A wonderful post pregnancy treatment which helps release excess fluid, encourage circulation and break up stagnation. This massage is also great for helping to release and relax a blocked or sporadic digestive system and is a great compliment to Colonic Hydrotherapy. $60/30min

Hip Release Massage add-on

Tight hip flexors can contribute to lower back aches and pains. This service incorporates stretches and Myofascial release techniques to decrease pain and increase hip flexibility, while soothing tight muscles. $60/30min

Jaw Release Massage add-on

The habit of grinding, grating or clenching the teeth which can cause headaches and stresses the jaw is common with millions of adults and children. Tension in the face, scalp, neck and jaw can be soothed with this deep release massage. $60/30min

Cupping add-on

An ancient Chinese healing practice which suctions small glass cups onto the back to pull out toxins, eliminate energy obstructions and relax the muscles. Great for chronic aches & pains and respiratory problems. $55/30 min or add on to any massage for $20. (Note: skin will show signs of treatment for a few days.)

Pumpkin Hand & Foot Treatment add-on

Have you ever experienced extreme dry and cracked hands and feet? This pumpkin treatment will smooth and deeply nourish the skin. Rich in Vitamin A and enzymes this treat will leave your hands and feet extra soft. Add on only, $15/ with any massage

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