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Tear-Free Hair Removal - Really!

We want to make hair removal as pain-free as possible. Ruby Room offers waxing options -- pick one that suits you and let us show you our "no more tears" approach to hair removal.



Ruby Room uses a gentle, all-natural wax that leaves the skin smooth & soft.

Brow (tweeze or wax)Client Favorite Service $25+
Lip or Chin $20+
Cheeks $25+
Underarms $35+
Half Arms $30+
Full Arms $50+
Half Legs $45+
Full Legs $75+
Back or Chest $50-75+
Bikini $40+
Brazilian Client Favorite Service $60+


Our tint for lashes and brows is all natural and vegetable based so it won’t irritate your eyes or skin.

Brow $20+
Lash $25+

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