Diamobright vs Dermaplaning

Diamobright vs Dermaplaning

Everyone is asking what the difference is between microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. Essentially they both are forms of exfoliation that get rid of dry, dead surface skin. This helps to reveal new, hydrated skin by increasing skin cell turnover and aiding in product penetration. Diamabright, which is another form of Micro dermabrasion uses a diamond tip wand with suction that is pulled across the skin. It removes the dry, dull, dehydrated skin cells and aid in breaking up hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, black heads and fine lines and wrinkles. Diamabright should not be used on Rosacea and couprose skin types as well as skin with active acne lesions. This form of exfoliation is best done in small packages at least 3 weeks apart to get the best results.

Dermaplaning is done using a small single surgical blade that is pulled across the facial skin (like shaving) leaving the skin exfoliated and glowing. It also has the added benefit of removing some of the vellus facial hair to help makeup application look flawless! Dermaplaning is great for hyper pigmentation and post acne scarring. It's gentle enough to be done on sensitive skin types like rosacea and couprose skin as well as pregnant women.

Dermaplaning should not be done on oiler skin types and those with active acne lesions. This form of exfoliation is known for its Instant gratification of smooth glowing skin.

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