Why Do a Colonic?

Why Do a Colonic?

Gut health is so foundational to overall well-being, and colon hydrotherapy is a simple modality that can improve gut health tremendously. There is such a strong correlation between the gut and other aspects of health (brain function, hormones, emotions, skin, etc.), so if things are amiss with your gut, odds are you'll feel the repercussions not only with your digestion, but in other areas of your health too. Colon hydrotherapy allows for the removal of old waste and toxicity from the colon, offering you a "clean slate," so to speak.

When you detoxify the colon, you'll experience better digestion, assimilation, and elimination, as well as less bloating.

Often times, colonics can improve acne-prone skin, because if there is congestion in the gut, it can often manifest as break-outs. Additionally, people tend to feel more energized and clear-headed, and often report improved mood and better sleep. Colonics can also assist with weight loss, because as you remove old waste matter from the colon, the body is then able to metabolize more efficiently.

For people who have struggled for years with sensitive digestion or constipation, colonics are often the solution that helps them to feel normal again.

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