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A chemical free product, the new Tonic Alchemy contains 71 certified organic herbs, vegetables, superfoods, superfruits and super sprouts. Besides these certified organic ingredients, TA contains 20 major tonic herbs all of which are sourced from remote regions and are crystal clean.

TA also contains 11 probiotically predigested (fermented) tonic herbs and superfoods. Predigested herbs and superfoods are extremely easy for the body to assimilate anybody body. TA contains 5 billion CF units of 7 viable healthy probiotic microorganisms. You are assuring you gut health and the strength of your immune system throughout your body Probiotics need prebiotics, since prebiotics serve as the food for probiotics. TA contains rice bran soluble fiber, apple pectin and Arabinogalactin (extracted from larch bark).

It contains 6 sea vegetables. Sea vegetables are extremely healthy, but are not typically included in the daily American diet, even of those who seek ultimate nutrition. These 6 sea vegetables contain a full spectrum of all the important essential minerals and trace minerals that we all need to thrive. This is a low sodium product. These beautiful sea vegetables are all wildcrafted and collected from pristine oceanic sources far from pollutants. They are naturally dried and handcrafted at their collection sites, and are always fresh and loaded with power. Testing has demonstrated that this sea vegetable blend contains an astounding 45% fucoidan by weight. Fucoidan fortifies important and central aspects of the immune system And it has been shown to help rid the body of heavy metals.

TA contains no chemicals, preservatives, colors, flavors or additives.

It contains no stevia. It does contain the amazing extract of Lohanguo, which is a saponin similar to the saponins found in Ginseng and Astragalus, but happens to have a delicious sweet flavor. These Lohanguo saponins are potent immune potentiators, but serve the dual purpose of sweetening the mix.

By now you understand that Tonic Alchemy 2.0 is a broad superfood supplement that can, and probably will, change your life for the better. Your cells, tissues, organs and systems will be fully nourished every day. Your Jing, Qi and Shen will be nourished every day. Your adaptability will be expanded, and your vitality will be enhanced. Tonic Alchemy 2.0 promotes balance, in the ultimate sense of Yin and Yang. You will find that your rhythms are honed, your consciousness is expanded and focused, your mind is sharpened and your will power is manifested. Making Tonic Alchemy 2.0 a part of your daily regimen, central to your lifestyle, along with doing your yoga, qigong, and other life cultivation techniques, you will be irresistibly on the path to radiant health and a very long and fulfilling life. Tonic Alchemy 2.0 is THAT important!

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