Mini Drops Family Package



This is a variety pack for the whole family. It contains Drops that are made from the most famous and full spectrum herbs in the world. They are delicious, soothing, energizing (without being stimulant), immune protective, calming, uplifting and life affirming. Every tincture is suitable to all the members of the family, young or old, weak or strong, male or female. Share the herbs and promote the health of your entire family.

American Ginseng is a Qi tonic that enhances the energy of all people. Cultured Cordyceps is a grounded, broad spectrum Jing tonic that is also great for enhancing Lung functions. Goji Drops is a sweet and broad-spectrum elixir of life that tonifies all Three Treasures. Duanwood Reishi is an iconic Shen tonic and immunity enhancer. Sweetfruit Drops can sweeten anything with close to zero calorie and close to zero glycemic index. Zizyphus Dreamzzz ensures a natural restful night whenever needed.

Product Reviews

“polish your sparkle, protect your energy... be free.”

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