About Ruby Room

Our Passion...

is to positively affect the energy and spirit of those we touch by providing & recommending healing services and products which promote beauty from the inside out.

Our Aspiration...

is to give you an experience that floats above the physical and touches your heart.

Our Style...

is alchemic, the process of transforming something common into something supremely magical. As a team of healing, wellness and beauty alchemists we open ourselves to the ultimate possibility with every person we touch. We look for the deeper meanings in what you share with us and infuse it with our intuition, knowledge and expertise to deliver an experience that is long lasting, life changing and creates a path for positive change.

It’s all about communication

We love what we do and thrive on open and positively charged communication. If we have missed the mark or if you have questions, concerns, feedback or special requests, don’t be shy – we want to know! Email us at Concierge@rubyroom.com or do it the old fashioned way (our favorite) by calling 773-235-2323 and speak directly with our Customer Service Concierge.

The more information you are willing to share the deeper the experience we are able to provide and don’t be surprised if we happen to call you a few days after your first service to check in. Just because you are not in the building doesn’t mean we aren’t still basking in your glow.


“Alchemy; the process of transforming something common into something magical. Inner and outer beauty is not a way of being it’s a frame of mind. Change your thoughts and your world will follow.”

- kate leydon

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