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Intuitive Blend 60 min/$110 90min/ $165 BOOK NOW

Intuitive blend begins with our signature Essence Reading and flows into a oracle or tarot reading and an energy healing all in one session. Your intuitive will tap into your spirit guides and begin pulling forth messages while using the cards for detail and providing depth to the answers to your questions. Release and renew with an energy healing to clear away energetic stagnation, stress and anxiety. You will leave invigorated and refreshed. Recommended for all first time clients. 

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Reading 30 min $65+/ 45 min $85/ 60 min $165

Our intuitive energy healer will tap into your spirit guides using the tarot or oracle cards to interpret your messages. Explore your love, work and personal relationships or ask for an open reading and see what messages come up for you and gain guidance to move forward fearlessly with your life and relationship choices. 

Intuitive Clairvoyant/Medium Reading 30 min/$65+  BOOK NOW

Connect with crossed over loved ones and your spirit guides to gain clarity and perspective in your life. During a clairvoyant reading you may come prepared with specific questions or request an open reading where the intuitive taps into your spirit guides to gain clarity on your souls purpose and direction. Explore you love life, career, souls calling and relationships and more.

Akashic Records Reading 45 min/ $85+ (zoom available) BOOK NOW

The Akashic Record is the energetic “library” of your soul’s journey, from the time your soul originated from source until the time when you will eventually return home. Your “stops” along the journey—your lifetimes—provide endless opportunities to learn and fine tune your soul as you evolve beyond your daily challenges. Whether you are a young or ancient soul, the Akashic Record holds the energetic imprint of your thoughts, feelings, memories, actions, and deeds experienced in each lifetime. This accumulation of energy creates the lessons and experiences necessary in each successive lifetime that assist in our evolution.

An Akashic Record Reading can assist you in your soul healing journey in several ways. It will help you to:

  • Identify your soul’s core traits that contribute to your human personality,
  • Better understand your pattern of interactions with others,
  • Explain troublesome or challenging circumstances,
  • Recognize any blocks to achieving your goals and highest potential,
  • Express your Divine nature to create more life satisfaction and fulfilment, and
  • Find your soul purpose and life path.

Intuitive Numerology 60 min/$120 (zoom available)  BOOK NOW

Session begins with our signature Essence Reading and flows into a detailed reading of your soul's journey using the vibration and calculation of your name and birth date. Numerology gives us a very clear understanding of your unique gifts and how to best tap into them during your lifetime. You will leave with a clear picture of your soul’s underlining purpose. Please provide us your full maiden name, married name (if applicable), birthdate and time upon booking. 

Auratherapy Viewing 10 mins / $20 BOOK NOW

See the colors and shape of your aura and seven main chakras "real time" on our biofeedback aura machine. Take a pic as a screen saver to remind you to send healing love and use your tools of energy protection all day long.



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