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Beauty is not just skin-deep. It's soul-deep --

Finding balance of mind, body & spirit awakens and uncovers true beauty. At Ruby Room, we believe true beauty & wellness start with a little TLC for your soul. So whether you come in for a haircut, Enerssage, facial or a weekend get-away at the Inn, our trained experts will help you refresh, rediscover & renew from the inside out.

Take a look around and see what Ruby Room is all about.

Star Level

What is Star Level?

An appreciation program for clients that visit once a month to maintain their own style of wellness.

How does Star Level work?

Once you see us for a 60 minute service in each department within a 6 month period, you’re invited to Star Level.

What are the benefits of Star Level?

Clients recieve 10% off all services and double points on product purchases, 1 pass to healing circle and 1 pass for any Ruby Room Event two friends and family Star Level coupons for 10% off any first time 60 minute service.

How do I maintain Star Level?

Visit for a minimum of 60 minutes of services every month to stay actively invited into the program.


"Your energy is a bubble of light (one arms length all the way around your body) which exists to protect you from the negative stressors of everyday life. Our signature services and products have been designed to cleanse, balance and protect your bubble and restore your energy to its natural state, so you can sparkle from the inside out."

- kate leydon

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